Upcoming Readings

POG means  P O e t r y r o u p

Join us at our upcoming event: the incredible Rae Armantrout reads on March 23, 5pm, at the old Conrad Wilde Gallery (adjacent to our normal space in the Steinfeld Warehouse), 101 W Sixth St in Tucson.

Collectively, the POG Directors, along with our presenting artists, and our audiences, make a Group, or a Think Tank about poetry & poetics that is always developing, always making a difference in our public lives.

What defines and distinguishes us is that we do not take for granted what poetry is and how it should look or sound. We welcome diversity in the arts in all the ways it comes, including radical aesthetic experimentation.

Poetry in our minds is a wide-ranging category – think of Aristotle's "Poetics" which is about all the arts of that philosopher's time. POG has presented, in addition to poets: musicians, performance artists, puppeteers, visual artists, dancers, and groups/individuals who think about our contemporary moment through their artistic practices.

visual poem by Jaap Blonk
One of our recent broadsides, featuring work by visual and sound artist Jaap Blonk

Your Role

You can be a part of our work to share the exploration of our world through poetry and art. For a donation of $50 you will receive free admission to POG events for one year. For a donation of $100 you will receive free admission for yourself and a guest to POG events for one year.