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Our Mission

POG presents the work of innovative poets and practitioners of other art forms, attracting a diverse audience in diverse Tucson communities.  POG’s premise is that experimental, innovative art, and in particular avant-garde poetry, can successfully be presented to a diverse and increasingly engaged audience, and that such audience engagement with challenging but not inaccessible work tends to broaden people socio-politically as well as culturally. 

By pairing a local poet with one from beyond Southern Arizona, POG presents cutting edge programs that present challenging, avant-garde work at the heart of our mission. Through these pairings, we bring to the thriving Tucson poetry community a range of internationally visible, innovative artists whose work is significantly different from that presented by other Tucson poetry organizations.

POG offers its deepest thanks to some of the following organizations and individuals, who help make this work possible:

  • Arizona Commission on the Arts
  • Poets & Writers
  • WAMO & Jim Wilcox
  • Chax Press
  • Kore Press
  • UA Poetry Center
  • Casa Libre en la Solana
  • Charles Alexander & Cynthia Miller
  • Lynn Finger
  • Joan Larkin
  • Lisa Martin
  • Judith LeFevre