Will Alexander / Denise Uyehara

Will Alexander (photo by Ramon Rao)

Poetry & Art at Steinfeld Warehouse Community Arts Center 101 W. Sixth St
Tucson Arizona February 29 2020 7pm

WILL ALEXANDER: In the tradition of Sun Ra and Aime Cesaire, Will Alexander’s poetry combines the surreal with an extra-terrestrial perspective on the relation of humans to mind and the cosmic environment. His perspective emerges from Africa and the Earth’s trans-oceanic rim. He is also a poet, essayist, novelist, philosopher, visual artist, as well as playwright. His myriad books include Vertical Rainbow Climber (1987), Asia & Haiti (1995), Above the Human Nerve Domain (1998), Towards the Primeval Lightning Field (1999), Exobiology as Goddess (2004), Sunrise Armageddon (2006), and The Sri Lankan Loxodrome (2009). A Whiting Fellow, a PEN Oakland National Book Award recipient, and the winner of the Jackson Poetry Prize for 2016. Will Alexander lives and works in Los Angeles.

DENISE UYEHARA is an award-winning, interdisciplinary performance artist, writer and playwright whose work has been presented across the U.S. and in London, Vancouver, Helsinki and Tokyo. For over two decades she has investigated what marks us in our migration across borders of identity through interdisciplinary performance. Uyehara’s work has been hailed as “powerful…intimate and elegiac” by the Los Angeles Times. She is a recent recipient of the MAP Fund, the National Performance Network Creation Fund and a fellowship from the Asian Cultural Council (see complete listing below). A founding member of the Sacred Naked Nature Girls, she conducts workshops for artists and a wide range of communities – LGBTQ, women, people of color – and is a frequent lecturer at colleges and universities. Her book Maps of City & Body: Shedding Light on the Performance and Process of Denise Uyehara (Kaya Press, 2004) documents her process.